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Introducing The Clemson Collection

The last play… Clemson down with just seconds left on the clock. Growing up this is what kids dream of: game winning plays in national championships. Deshaun Jackson takes the snap, takes a glance at Hunter Renfrown 2 yards away and completes the pass. Just like that the Clemson Tigers upset the Roll Tide for their first national title in 35 years. HoopSwagg is stepping it up this Thursday with a new and exciting collection of socks for Clemson. This new collection features three new sock designs. These socks are sure to turn heads wherever you go. The...
  • Brian Agranoff

Introducing HoopSwagg Causes

HoopSwagg, a leading online retailer of customized elite socks and sports apparel, proudly announces the launch of HoopSwagg Causes. This new program gives back to the community by simplifying the fundraising process and adding team spirit to any worthy cause. While HoopSwagg’s main business model focuses on printing custom elite socks for basketball and school sports teams and fans, the concept has quickly attracted the attention of other nonprofits and groups, who frequently request custom designs of the unique socks, shoelaces and other sportswear for their organization or cause...
  • Brennan Agranoff

PDX Carpet

The old PDX (Portland Airport) carpet is an iconic symbol, which has numerous fans, including over 30,000 posts of pictures of the carpet on Instagram alone. Since it has been walked on for almost thirty years by travelers, it is too worn to salvage and must be replaced. The teal-colored carpet was pulled up at the end of January and fans are searching for PDX carpet memorabilia. Many PDX Carpet-themed products have been designed, which sport the iconic image, including socks, t-shirts, key chains, and more. HoopSwagg, an online e-commerce store known for delivering exceptionally stylish socks and apparel, has...
  • Brian Agranoff