PDX Carpet


The old PDX (Portland Airport) carpet is an iconic symbol, which has numerous fans, including over 30,000 posts of pictures of the carpet on Instagram alone. Since it has been walked on for almost thirty years by travelers, it is too worn to salvage and must be replaced. The teal-colored carpet was pulled up at the end of January and fans are searching for PDX carpet memorabilia. Many PDX Carpet-themed products have been designed, which sport the iconic image, including socks, t-shirts, key chains, and more. HoopSwagg, an online e-commerce store known for delivering exceptionally stylish socks and apparel, has introduced three new designs which can be found on custom elite socks, arm sleeves and ties to honor the beloved design.

We created the PDX airport socks because the carpet has become a fun and cultural institution for Portlanders. Over the years, it has been difficult to pass through the airport without having seen someone stop to take a picture of their feet with the carpet in the background. The design represents the runway layout seen by air-traffic controllers at night.

We invite you PDX carpet fans to keep the rug close to their heart, feet and arms with its PDX Carpet Collection. PDX Carpet features the old carpet pattern, PDX Carpet 2.0 displays the new carpet pattern, and PDX Carpet Twist shows off the old and new patterns in one. HoopSwagg is the only store to offer the PDX Carpet arm sleeves. To view the new PDX Carpet products, visit http://hoopswagg.com/collections/pdx-carpet.

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  • Brian Agranoff