Custom Printed Socks for Teams and Fundraising

Quantity Discounts Are Available

HoopSwagg offers custom printed socks and discount pricing for quantity orders of 10 pairs of socks or more. Our designers are very creative and can customize a look with your logo and colors that is specific to your team or cause. Boost school spirit with custom socks!


Raise Money for Your School Or Cause With Our Easy Fundraising Program

Sport sock sales provide a great way to fundraise and build support for your team, school, group or event.  Our new turnkey program makes it easy by providing our socks that are available on the HoopSwagg site at a quantity discount for you to sell at your next fundraiser.

  1.  Select as many styles and sizes as you want from our socks that you see online.
  2.  We’ll ship them in plenty of time for your next tournament or fundraising drive. Socks should arrive at your door within 7 to 14 days of the time that we receive your order.
  3. Just set up a table at one of your events or have the members of your group sell them. Our socks designs are so wild and colorful that they’ll do most of the selling for you.


What Your Fundraiser Could Make

We leave it to you to decide on the price to sell the socks, but you can expect to net $4 to $6 per pair while still charging a reasonable price.


Custom Designs Orders Can Be Combined with Ready-To-Deliver Styles

We’re happy to combine your custom design order with an order for the socks styles that are on the Hoopswagg site to determine your total quantity for a discounted price.  (Please note that we cannot accept returns on any socks that were customized for your team or group.)


Contact Us to Get Started

If you are interested in learning more, just complete this form or call us at (503) 610-3536.  On the form, please include the following info in the message box: 1) Quantity of socks  2) Which option you prefer: Custom socks or our Online Collection of Socks or combination of both.