Sick of Selling Popcorn? Us too.

Now you can fundraise money for your school, organization, or team with some of the best socks on the planet. Check out the video and learn how to get started today.

Which of These 4 Fit You Best?

We offer 4 different fundraising methods, find the one perfect for you.


If you have the time and resources to organize a more traditional fundraiser, doing a pre-order form is a highly effective way to sell alot of socks! Combine your custom design with some of our top selling designs and you'll be on your way to raising thousands of dollars. 

Purchase and Sell

The socks have no problem selling themselves. By purchasing socks up front, you'll be able to stock your student store and sell at local events. Similar to the Pre-Order option, we recommend offering your customized sock in addition to some HoopSwagg best sellers to maximize your fundraising efforts. Oh, and by the way, you can still use an order form!

Fundraising Night Online

This option is similar to online only, but compresses things into a time limited window where you can earn $$ on sales of your custom socks AND the 300+ designs offered by HoopSwagg on the website. This is also a great follow up fundraiser for those that have already completeted a round a fundraising, and have people clamoring for more HS socks!

Online Only

If you're looking for something super simple, an Online Only fundraiser is a good option. We work with you to create a custom sock, post it for sale on our website, and all you need to do is get the word out. For every pair sold, you earn 20% of the proceeds.

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In-Depth Comparison

Pre-OrderPre-PurchaseOnline OnlyFundraising Night
Potential To Raise $HighModerateLowHigh
Sell in PersonXX
Sell Online
Turnaround Time
7-14 Days7-14 Days3-5 Days3-5 Days
Profit Per Pair$4-$7$4-$7$5$3-5

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