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Balkman Elite Fundraiser

Total Raised: $340.64

Hey Balkman Family!

Our team gets 35% of EVERY pair of socks sold between 4PM-8PM on Wednesday 3/28. We have worn HoopSwagg socks for a couple years now and we LOVE them! There are some custom Balkman Elite socks you can buy, as well as hundreds of other cool designs! Check out our custom team socks. The money we raise will be used towards tutoring, tournament fees, gym fees & travel. We need your support. Go to HoopSwagg and buy a pair or two on Wednesday from 4PM-8PM! We only get credit if you use the code BALKMAN during checkout so be sure to do that!

Thank you for your support! Lets go I /A\M B/A\lkman Elite!

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